there is no death in gravity

there is no death in gravity (2020) is a film by Jue Yang.

A heart broke during the year when the world went quiet

What is the sound of a heartbreak?

When does an apple die?

I listen to a mundane cosmo through the footsteps of my neighbor.

there is no death in gravity

I made this film in the later half of 2020 as I looked through the work-in-progress edits for my graduation films. The waves of life — shift to a home studio, loss of social life, death of a family member and, how incredibly the universe works, falling in love — have resulted in a gradual fraying of my energy to finish the films.

So I tried to carve certainty into a moving image where I could arrange and rearrange the timeline. I wanted to grasp a bit more of everything that was, or stopped, happening. I found materials from my personal image archive, sounds from freesound.org and animation from organizations dedicated to the study of black holes. I composed texts, images, sounds and voices.  Instead of finding certainty, I brought the ocean into my heart. I looked at the shards of the past so long that they softened.


HD video with stereo sound, 7m37s
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