Trojan Offices

'Trojan Offices' is an installation by Dries Depoorter that explores the beauty and complexity of technology, and provides a glimpse into unsuspecting coffeepots and offices all over the world. 

Trojan Offices

Trojan Offices at Fiber Festival 2015. Photo: Matthias Parasew Tarasiewicz

One of the first webcam images originated in the computer laboratory of the University of Cambridge. Born of the frustration ensuing from encountering an always empty coffeepot, a camera was installed which recorded the status of the coffeepot, live, 24-7. Each individual employee was thus able to ascertain, from their own desktop computer, if there was any fresh coffee available. 25 years later, there are an infinite number of webcams online on internet. The images they produce are indexed, without permission, by search engines. The installation Trojan Offices by the Flemish media artist Dries Depoorter, shows live office spaces all over the world that have been accessed through a simple hack. The coffeepot is on screen everywhere, whether you like it or not.

Trojan Offices is a coproduction between IDFA DocLab and 'Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond' and will be exhibited in collaboration with de Brakke Grond.


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