Umbrella Practices

Umbrella Practices (2019) is a work by Ana Brotas, developed during the V2_ + Museu Zer0 Residency.

Umbrella Practices is an investigation into how the language of environmental public policies obscures the way we relate to water.

There is a growing need to reevaluate the way we relate to the various ecosystems that surround us. The lexicon we, as a society, choose to use in order to define, communicate and make sense of the world is a crucial component of this relationship. Within the linguistic construction, documents such as international conventions, treaties and protocols are fundamental regulators despite often undermining their readability.

In what ways can technology help deconstruct those language-games? In a search to encounter new structures, forms and narratives, a collection of exercises emerged from a seemingly senseless journey into the realms of text analysis. We define what we write and symbiotically that defines us. By the same token, water undeniably bears this profound recognition.

Umbrella Practices assumes a processual methodology that tags along the following exercises:

  1. Absorb | videographic experimentation

  2. Redact | frequency of words visualization

  3. Tweak | computer-generated poetry

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