V.O.L.V.O. Airbag

CD-Rom by Richard Cameron, Pinky Keijzer and Yariv Alter Fin, published as supplement to the issue "HOME" of the Dutch Mediamatic magazine in 1995.

This CD by Mediamatic presents the death of the CD-ROM (though it has hardly been born). The witty fantasy name has several meanings but, at the first place, it refers to a sort of a flying bag or a bag filled with air, that is, a bag in which there is nothing and which disappears in the virtual ether as if it has never been there at all. It is anti-interactive, the viewer gets trapped by the screen which contains nothing but a white square (allusion to the death of painting) and a notice saying "square means home: square is your escape". What is more, it is long play: it never ends.

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