V208 - Horst Rickels "De 12 Apostelen," Cassette in plastic music box, 1985.


V208 package

This tape was released in a plastic jewel box in wich a languet was mounted that was taken out of an old harmonium. Inside the box are some transparent inlays with pictures, a score and text printed on it in black and white.

This recording was made one week after the project Godenschemering II by Horst Rickels and Elvira Wersche was performed at V2_.

The performers were for the tape release were E.Werners, J.P. Hochet, N.Pauli, S.Wubben, Wikke 't Hooft, Jan de Jong, and Alex Adriaansens. Sound by Horst Rickels & Joke Brouwer.


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