"CD for the Unstable Media", 1992.


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CD for the Unstable Media is a compilation CD with Rumpelstirn und Gurgelstock, THU20/Gregory Whitehead, Voicecrack, DFM Radio, Radio Subcom, The Haters, Dick Raaijmakers, Entre Vits, Ad van Buuren, Hafler Trio, Chris Mann/Warren Burt, and Strafe für Rebellion. It was released together with The Book for the Unstable Media during V2_'s 10th anniversary. The pieces on the CD have been performed/recorded at V2_, and consist of live recordings compiled from the Manifestation About Extreme Information Streams (1987) and the Manifestations for the Unstable Media I (1988), II (1989), and III (1990).



Runzelstirn und Gurgelstock (CH): Zur Autodestruktion

THU20/Gregory Whitehead (NL/USA): I Prefer To Talk To The Dead

Voicecrack (CH): Ballistics of the Wild Turkey

Radio Subcom (A): Intransit (excerpt)

The Haters (CN/USA): Final

Dick Raaijmakers (NL): Ideophone I (1971)

DFM Radio (NL): Excerpt

Entre Vifs (F): Slavium Fornikant

Ad van Buuren (NL): The Clock

The Hafler Trio (UK/NL): Untitled

Chris Mann/Warren Burt (AUS): Anyway You Can Always Put Language Down To Experience

Merzbow (J): V2 Live (excerpt)

Strafe für Rebellion (D): Die Zahl Pi

Compiled/edited by V2 (Jac Van Bussel and Peter Duimelinks), in a gatefold card sleeve, 70 minutes.

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