"The Great New World In Environment And Acceleration", compilation CD of several manifestations with, among others, Pedro Bericat, The Haters, Ron Kuivila, Alex Adriaansens/Joke Brouwer, Barney Haynes, Steina Vasulka/Michael Saup, 1993.


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This CD documents several manifestations held by V2-Organisation in 1989 and 1992. In September '89, V2-Organisation organized for the second time its Manifestation For the Unstable Media, subtitled (Tele)Communication in Art. That year the manifestation was dealing with the use of telecommunication systems in art. All kind of devices were explored such as television, radio, facsimile, satellite and telephone. The two pieces taken from the first evening of that event, an installation by Pedro Bericat and a radioplay by The Haters, have both been recorded live and will contain some occasional, unintended, 'nice noises'. More sounds from that and other evenings may be found of the CD For The Unstable Media*, released by V2-Archive in 1992.

On March 14, 1992, V2-Organisation organised a festival to present the Book and CD 'For The Unstable Media. Sounds from two interactive installations of that evening can be found here, one by Ron Kuivila and one by Alex Adriaansens/Joke Brouwer. Again, both have been recorded with a microphone.

Het San Francisco Festival in May '92 included performances, installations and media-art from San Francisco. The sound part of Barney Haynes' interactive installation was recorded directly from his videodisc.

The fourth edition of the Manifestation For the Unstable Media was held in September/October '92. Through exhibitions, concerts, a symposium and a live-broadcast, V2 explored the meaning of architecture under the influence of new media. Radioplays from the live-radio broadcast on the opening-evening as well as an excerpt from the Steina Vasulka and Michael Saup are included in this selection.


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[from the CD booklet]

*The referred CD For The Unstable Media is V112 - and not longer available.

© V2 Archief 1993

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