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"La Selva" by Francisco Lopéz, "sound environments from a neotropical rain forest", 1998.

La Selva is an immersion into the sound environments of a tropical rain forest in the Caribbean lowlands of Costa Rica. An astonishing natural sonic web created by a multitude of sounds from rain, waterfalls, insects, frogs, birds, mammals and even plants, through a day cycle during the rainy season. A powerful, acousmatic broad-band sound environment of thrilling complexity. And above all, a tour de force of profound listening.

[from the CD booklet]

This CD by Francisco López provides in an extensive booklet further information on the project in several texts and images. It also indicates the sound producing animal species that appear in the recordings/CD, eg. at 21'17'' we can hear Cacinus uropygialis (Cacique Lomiescarlata / Scarlet-rumped Cacique).

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