Kozo Inada + *0, "b [] +2.7K", 2001.



Somehow it seems that Japan keeps sending the most radical music to the world. Luckily the world likes that, seeing all these Japanese artists on labels everywhere. Here is a CD with two of Japans younger generation of music makers. I saw Kozo Inada a couple of times playing live concert (err that is, from his laptop) and everytime I was amazed by it. He takes a relative simple course, a strict linear event, which is taken to it's extreme and then cut abruptly. His releases so far (mainly on Staalplaat, Selektion and Digital Narcis) show however a more complex picture. Inada's sound is minimal when it comes to sound input, but maximum when it comes to content. The opening piece here, b[0], is a 25 minute mind blowing high end piece, which evolves slowly. Pure sine waves that move (even if you don't move your heard), and sound directly inspired by Alvin Lucier. The abruptcy of his live pieces is absent here. The second piece is shorter, and reflects more his live set. Going from static high end stuff slowly to a more mid range field which grows and grows in intensity, until it cuts out. Play loud here is well recommended. The other featured artist here is *0, who has some self-released CD releases in minimalist, transparant covers. He has one piece, of just under 18 minutes. *0 also deals with high pitched frequencies, but his piece seems to me a bit less adventurous then Kozo Inada's work in this field. It rather stays at a static side of things, without moving around. Only towards the end the piece seems to open up and more happens. This CD comes in a very nice green soft plastic case that I have never seen before. A remarkable product. (Frans de Waard)

source: http://www.kozoinada.com/release.html

CD by the Japanese artists Kozo Inada and *0, packed in a green rubber cover, 2001. Two tracks are by Inada b[0] and b[1], the third one by *0 - 2.7K.

Both minimal artists use the microwave sound spectrum on this CD; both apply scientific concepts: Inada from the subconscious, *0 (aka Nosei Sakata) bases his piece on Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation, which cooled down to 2.7 kelvins as the Universe expanded.

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