Video Archive Releases

The first V2_ compilation as well as artists' video tapes were already being distributed in 1985; within five years, V2_ started releasing more of its own editions in small numbers, based on performances and works shown and/or produced in V2_ contexts. None of these tapes is available anymore.

Video Archive Releases

[cover of the 1993 V2_ Archive catalog]

V2_ Editions

V2V01 The Haters, HATERS TV; The Haters mastering gravity.

V2V02 Dissecting Table, Ultimate Psychological Description, Live in Tokyo.

V2V03 Stan Brakhage, 4 Sound Films: the presented films were Fire Loop (with sound by Joel Haertling), Loud Visual Noise (sound by Die Tödliche Doris, Zoviet France, Nurse with Wounds, Hafler Trio and I.H.T.S.O.), Kindering (sound by Architects Office), I...Dreaming (sound by Joel Haertling).

(PAL only releases until 1991)

V2V04 Eric Lunde, Witness to Disaster, with live performances filmed in the USA and at V2.

V2V05 Gordon Monahan, DOCUMENTATION '86-'91: Films from the installations and performances Speaker Swinging, Aquaeolian Whirlpool, Long Aeolian Piano, A Magnet That Speaks Also Attracts and Aquaelion Music Room (PAL only).

V2V06 V2 - Static Transit: Documentation of the installations/performance by Joke Brouwer, Alex Adriaansens (from V2) and Barry Schwartz (USA), filmed on location in Amsterdam.

V2V07 The Haters, Facts on the Polywave. Three films made by G.X. Jupitter-Larsen and Mitch Goodman: An American Ski Movie (Frequency), An American Beach Movie (Counting The Sand), and An American Biker Movie (Facts On The Polywave).

V2V09 Beweging Tijd Ruimte. Documentation of the V2_ installation, with an excerpt of a concert by Vivenza in 1986.

(VHS releases, available in PAL and, in some cases, in NTSC.)


V2_ Compilations

Compilatieband (1985)

with Jon de Jong (1983), Nico Tenten / Jan van Toorn (1982), Claude Yande (1983), Joke Brouwer (1983), Jos Vulto/Ad van Buuren (1983), Stalo & Kauras (1983), Simulated Woods (1985), Club Moral (1982), 3 Slow Ones (1983), Pieter Frenken Toine (1983), Gust of Cubs (1983), Danny Devos (1981), Claude Yande (1981), Roelof Mulder (1984), 12 Omgevingen (1983), Meer Staal (1984), Jos Vulto (1984), Svätsox (1983), Walter Wierbos (1984), Roelof Mulder/Niek de Jong (1984), Heli's (1984), Titia Smit (1984), Sjak Wubben (1984), Zanzibar Twist (1984), Harmen Dijkstra/Suze Schenk (1984).

Compilation of Early Electronic Art I (-1993):

with Colorbars-black-countdown-black (1993, 0'25); electronic poem (1956, 8'25); Movement, Time, Space (1986, 4'30); Mental rotation - l'age d'or, Annemie de Kerckhoven (1988, 4'00); Logos Foundation (concert 1988, 1'00); Installation for the Unstable Media (1988, 1'40); Optic Nerve, Barry Schwartz (1990, 3'00); Dynamic Dialogue, Joke Brouwer, Alex Adriaansens (1990, 4'25); Speaker Swinging, Gordon Monahan (1990, 4'38); In concert: Voice Crack (1990, 9'00); Street-Voice-Space, Stephen Wilson (1990, 3'40); Telenoia, Roy Ascott (1992, 10'05); The shopping cart, Barney Haynes (1992, 1'57); Installation by Brad Whang (1993, 3'50).

Compilation of Early Electronic Art II (-1997):

with Colorbars-black-countdown-black (1993, 0'25); Static Transit (1991, 9'08); Intona, Dick Raaimakers (1992, 4'45); Handsight, Agnes Hegedüs (1992, 2'20); Automated Sound Orchestra, Matt Heckert (1993, 2'20);  Delusions of self-immolation, Eric Hobijn (1993, 5'15); Telematic Dreaming, Paul Sermon (1993, 3'50); Perceptual Arena, Ulrike Gabriel (1994, 4'25); Bar Code Hotel, Perry Hoberman (1995, 2'30); Crossings, Stacey Spiegel (1995, 3'05); 220V Electro Clips, Christian Möller (1995, 2'25); Motion Control, Granular Synthesis (1995, 3'43); the garden, Tamás Waliczky (1995, 2'57); Epizoo, Marcel.Lí Antúnez Roca (1995, 1'53).

Artists' Editions

Annemie van Kerckhoven, 19 keys, 30min, 1983

Danny Devos, nu ben ik de dood, music by Club Moral, 20 min, 1985

(both from the 1985 V2_ catalog BURN)

Danny Devos/Simpletones, i wanna be injured, 1980

Cyberpunk, on the work of William Gibson, 60 min

Étant Donnés, Royaume

The Haters, Connotations Of Wreackage

Matt Heckert, Mechanical Sound Orchestra. See also the video-documentation during the 1993' Synaesthetics Festival.

Eric Hobijn, Delusions of Self-Immolation

Lymph Product, Chloroform, 16mm films cut-up, videotronic, sound by The Horse He's Sick and GWTKK, 40 min.

Lymph Product, Fast Accelerating TV, unrelenting hallucinogenic punk surrealism, 25 min.

Victor Noteman, A Perfect Room To Hide A Stuffed Crocodile, 10 min.

Survival Research Laboratories, The Will To Provoke

Survival Research Laboratories, A Bitter Message of Hopeless Grief

The State, Conundrum

Strafe für Rebellion, Tausend Köpfe Rollen Gern, a Hi-Fi stereo video-copy of a 16 mm film by S.F.R., 10 min.

(from the 1993/94 V2_ Archive catalog)


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