VR living in Roffa

VR living in Roffa (2022) is a work by Mihai Gui.

VR living in Roffa employs Virtual Reality to create an interactive archive of people, stories and places that were uprooted and removed from their physical location and, sometimes literally, bulldozed over in the name of further developing the city of Rotterdam.
Based on a project developed during the Summer Sessions 2020 program of V2_, this current iteration showcases a digital reconstruction of an old neighborhood as it was before being partially demolished and rebuilt over in parallel to the plans for the theoretical future developments taking its place. Audiences can switch between the two layers of this environment, move freely and explore a setting populated with stories and tangible, interactive objects and spaces connected to the people that used to inhabit it, with a focus on the very human experiences of communities displaced in the name of a future vision for a city that is incompatible with their presence there.

Photo: tom mesic

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