Work, Rest and Play

Work, Rest and Play (1994) is an 'urban jungle road-movie' by Alan Robertson and Doug Aubrey.

Featuring an imaginative mix of live-action footage and electronic graphics, Work, Rest and Play is a state-of-the-nation virtual-road-movie that follows its youthful Nintendo-jock hero on a quest for a shadowy figure called Frank; its zappy zig-zag trajectory cutting an idiosyncratic dash through the fast-changing landscape of modern Scotland and repeatedly taking us over the border into the emerging virtual terrain of digital communications and computer games.

This film was shown at DEAF94, 1994.

The FACT Archive adds this description:

"Moving backwards and forwards between the bleak post-industrial landscape of contemporary Scotland and the electronic dreamscape of virtual reality and computer games, this recently-completed virtual road-movie by Glasgow-based directors Doug Aubrey and Alan Robertson is one of the most ambitious and distinctive experimental video narratives to have emerged from the UK independent scene. "(Aubrey and Robertson's)...electro-road movie moves from the Beat freedoms of Kerouac and the motorway madness of JG Ballard to try to define its own sense of rootlessness for the techno-generation of the '90s" - Trevor Johnston, 'Time Out'"


Source for the date of the film: http://www.autonomi.tv/documents/AutonomiCredits-Dec2011.pdf

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