Worlds Within

"Worlds Within" (1996) is an online 3D multi-user communication environment by Karel Dudesek and Van Gogh TV.

Worlds Within

Van Gogh TV: Worlds Within

Worlds Within is a large-scale online environment which uses VRML, the markup language for the construction of three-dimensional objects and environments on the Internet. This on-line 3D multi-user communication environment was the the Austrian contribution to the culture program of the 1996 Olympic games in Atlanta.

Karel Dudesek: "Worlds Within is a model for the usage of media in the future, a multi-user-domain, in which interactive networks contain a collective form of expression. Worlds Within is not a substitute for the real world, but a virtual parallel world which is growing and changing all the time. Worlds Within offers several worlds for urban life. In this three-dimensional environment you can move around, see and meet other people, build your own home, talk, date, play music, read texts, create pictures or video sequences and organize events -- and thus experience the development of real life and real culture".

see also: http://www.c3.hu/scca/butterfly/Dudesek/synopsis.html

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