ZEROnet (1992) was an international electronic network.


ZEROnet; photo: Jan Sprij

ZERO - The Art of Being Everywhere is a 2 year (92-93) curatorial project (by Robert Adrian and Gerfried Stocker) for the Steirische Kulturinitiative. ZERO was located at/in the Interfaces of the transport and communications systems. In addition to producing many projects by different artists/musicians/writers it also created ZEROnet, an international electronic network, or BBS (electronic Bulletin Board System) for communication by artists with local servers in Vienna, Graz and Innsbruck.

Says Adrian in an interview: We also set up a BBS for artists called 'ZEROnet' with intention of building a gateway to the still-restricted Internet but events were moving faster than anyone could imagine and the Internet was an open system by mid-1994.


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