… and yes, they can float!

Protei team is testing the prototypes

… and yes, they can float!

While trying to make a revolution in the streets of The Hague to save the arts in the Netherlands, another kind of revolution was taking place in Rotterdam…

The Protei team has been intensively working on different prototypes, which they tested in real conditions on the water! And yes, they can float!

The past weeks, after the transformation of the workspace, the Protei team went on brainstorming and designing different prototypes. Two of them, one catamaran model, 2,5 meters long and one model with a fully articulated hull were tested in real conditions on the water. The Protei team members not only “threw” the two models in the water but also dared to sail on the catamaran model in order to measure its stability and generally its behavior on the water.  The testing gave important feedback to the team about the progression of prototyping and after the first results, the team went deep into improving and enhancing the design of the prototypes but also working on the communication between the boat and the computer off-shore.



In the meantime, the team has also been working on the development of the Protei’s visual identity! For that purpose, an online competition is launched in order for the best design submitted to become the official visual identity of Protei. For those interested, the competition will be running until the 20th of July. For more information check the following link:


The team is still growing with new members travelling from all over the world to participate in this great project that is being developed in the harbor city of Rotterdam!


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