40 Years Anniversary Wrap-up

We're ending the extended 40 years anniversary of V2_. We'll exist 41 years soon.

To celebrate 40 years of V2_ we published the bilingual book 40 Years of V2_, which you can order from our webshop (though you can also wait till you get it offered for free at one of our events), or you can download the digital English or Dutch version for free. We had a voting booth, and pictures from the 40 'most iconic' works from our history were assembled in a video displayed in the window of the V2_Groundfloor. There was an Evening of the V2_Archive, reflecting on 40 years of electronic arts, which alas had to be online. You can watch a full (enriched) registration of that event here, and read some of the texts related to it as well. Meanwhile, we're continuing our efforts to keep the history of V2_ and the field of electronic arts (and everything related) alive.

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