50 Years of Dutch Media Art at STRP

With seven installations on show at the popular STRP festival – kicking off again in Eindhoven on Friday, November 18 – V2_ can call itself an official purveyor of 50 years of media art in the Netherlands.

The STRP festival, taking place this year for the fifth time in Philips' old Strijp-S building, is staging an exhibition devoted to half a century of media art in the Netherlands. We're proud of the role V2_ has played in that history since 1982, thanks to the input of countless artists and collectives. Those in the know are sure to recognize some of the works on view, with seven installations supplied by V2_Agency. We'll show the 2007/2008 recording of The Graphic Method Bicycle in homage to Dick Raaymakers, and we'll also display the next installment of Studio Roosegaarde's Intimacy series. In addition, on Saturday, November 26, V2_'s in-house theorist, Arjen Mulder, will give a lecture on 50 years of machine art, electronic art and interactive art with reference to the exhibited works. WORM, our new neighbors in Rotterdam, will be selling a number of V2_ books, including the Dick Raaymakers monograph, at the festival.

V2_Agency will show the following works at the festival: Edwin van de Heide's Evolving Spark Network; Marnix de Nijs and Edwin van der Heide's Spatial Sounds (100dB at 100km/h); Carolien Teunisse and Bram Snijders's augmented reality installation RE:; Telcosystems' 12_SeriesPalm Top Theater; Marnix de Nijs's Exploded Views; Nicky Assmann's new installation, Solace; and Geert Mul's God’s Browser, recently nominated for the Share Prize, to be awarded at the Share Festival in Turin, Italy, in early November. 

More information on some of the STRP exhibition's highlights is available in the V2_Archive on this website. Many of the historic works on view in Eindhoven were previously exhibited by V2_ in Rotterdam or Den Bosch. Delusions of Self Immolation, Erik Hobijn's "suicide machine," was part of V2_'s 1993 exhibition The Body in Ruin in Den Bosch. Jeffrey Shaw’s 1989 The Legible City appeared at the fourth Manifestation for the Unstable Media

Although it could be argued that we should have put together an exhibition like this ourselves, we're honored to be part of the STRP program. We'll hold another DEAF festival next year in Rotterdam, and then in another 50 years we'll see which other works will have become classics and put them in our survey exhibition of 100 years of media art in the Netherlands.


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