Kick off DEAF2012

The Dutch Electronic Art Festival - DEAF - makes a big come back next year. The 2012 edition of DEAF takes place from May 16 till June 3 in both Rotterdam and Amsterdam, and explores ‘The Power of Things’.

To kick off we celebrate the return of DEAF together with our friends at TodaysArt Festival in The Hague. On Friday September 23 the DEAF team will be present at the opening of the 7th edition of TodaysArt. 

A welcome talk by Olof van Winden (director of TodaysArt) Alex Adriaansens (director of V2_) will be followed by the presentation of Chico MacMurtrie's Totemobile installation, a coproduction of DEAF and TodaysArt.

Chico MacMurtrie and his team at Brooklyn’s Amorphic Robot Works present the Totemobile in the Atrium of The Hague’s city hall. The Totemobile is a robotic sculpture that initially appears as a life-sized representation of the Citroën DS automobile. During the performance, this cultural icon is visually exploded, subverted and elaborated through various levels of abstraction until it reaches its final form: an organic twenty meter tall totem pole.

There is more news to come on DEAF2012 so stay tuned!

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DEAF2012, May 16–20 (exhibition: May 17–June 3), 2012: www.deaf.nl

TodaysArt, September 23–24, 2011: http://todaysart.org


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