Anouk Wipprecht: Made in China

Anouk Wipprecht presenting at Tsinghua University

Anouk Wipprecht: Made in China

Dutch fashion designer and former V2_ “Summer Sessionista” Anouk Wipprecht is in Beijing to lead a Wearable Technology workshop at Tsingua University.

In the workshop Anouk Wipprecht – who has a broad background in fashion and technology - guides a group of MA students through the process of creating wearables. She motivates the students to come up with concepts and help them finalize design proposals. The results will be presented at the international Art&Science exhibition of Tsinghua University in the Science Museum in Beijing and that will focus on (industrial) design and fashion (new materials, smart textiles).

The TASML residencies and workshops offer an interdisciplinary platform for professional designers, artists and students from various faculties. Under the auspices of the Art and Science Research Center of Tsinghua University, which is administered by the Academy of Arts and Design, the media laboratory is conceived as a research and production unit that aims to synergize the rich resources available among the University’s diverse research institutions and laboratories to create an incubator for crossbred, interdisciplinary experiments among artists, designers, scientists and technologists.



Former V2_ / TASML projects: 

Marnix de Nijs: Hardware 15 Minutes of Biometric Fame (2010)

Xiaowen Zhu: Wearable Urban Routine (2011)

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