Art Coded for Hard Times

Review of the We=Link online exhibition, published in Ocula.

Sam Gaskin's review of the online exhibition We=Link: Ten Easy Pieces starts with a description of Hemut Smits' Screen Time.

'With over half the global population now under full or partial lockdown, smartphone use seems to be on the rise without there being any corresponding increase in feelings of connectedness. Helmut Smits' Screen Time (2019–2020) tries to bring together at least 1,440 of us, one for each minute of the day, by asking people to submit photos of their smartphone lock screens with the time displayed. The resulting online clock is still being built minute by minute, and offers the small intimacy of knowing that each image flashes before its contributor throughout the day.'

Read the rest of the review at: ocula.com/magazine/insights/we-link-chronus-art-center-shanghai/

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