Collaborating with Care: Florian Weigl Talking about Future Collaboration

An interview with V2_'s Florian Weigl was published in the digital magazine of UNart.

Florian Weigl's starts with stating: 'The most valuable collaborations, for me, are always the ones that leave room to learn, reflect and change course. In collaboration, I find it important to reflect throughout the process enriching the research from different points of view. When I embark on a collaboration my main consideration is “How can we focus on something that benefits all involved parties on a long term and sustainable level? Can we give form to long-term research, can we reformulate goals? Can we change the focus in the process, leave room for reflection, feed new ideas into the trajectory?”'

Read the full interview here (on the website of UNart), or - without illustrations - in our archive.

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