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Lately I was asked if I had an overview of concerts at V234 (that's V2_, before it was V2_, in the same building: Vughterstraat 234). I found a 'vendomatic' cassettetape with information on concerts in 1981.

The Vendomatic cassettetape (Vendomatic was the brand of V&D, I think these were the cheapest tapes you could buy around that time) has the following information (typed and corrected with green ballpoint).

kant 1

technoville 28-11-1981
necromonicon 21-11-1981
extra smeikals 7-11-1981 (added in green ballpoint)
rite de passage  28-11-1981
gdansk 7-11-1981

kant 2

prompt 24-10-1981
etat brut 14-11-1981
simon&chief 17-10-1981
sovjet sex 17-10-1981 (= Soviet Sex)
d.d.v. 14-11-1981

I suppose these are the dates when those bands played at V234. Here's some information that I could gather fairly quickly.


André Bach, Berna van Baarsen, Herman Lohmeijer, Herman Voogd, Mark Tegefoss
Bach and Tegefoss still make music as DeNeuve (release on Blowpipe records of Wim Dekker (Smalts/Minny Pops, Haarlem).) They also played in Tox Modell – with, Arjen Schrama, manager Vinyl, later of the Roxy in Amsterdam, en now CEO van Wagamama Benelux...


There were (and are) many bands with this name – a reference to Lovecraft. In this case it's Necromonicon from Amsterdam.
Gerhard V, Judyteen, Vache, Young Boy Wonder. They had a release on Fetisj in 1982 (Amsterdam cassettelabel).

Extra Smeikals

Band from Groningen. Were on the Ultra-cassette (Live at Oktopus, Amsterdam), https://www.discogs.com/master/420500-Various-Ultra
Jazz-punk with a.o. artist/designer Kees Versloot (https://www.keesversloot.nl/informatie/, I guess on saxophone judging by a photo on his website), and artist Kie Ellens (https://dadarockt.wordpress.com/2013/03/26/ultra/).

Rite de Passage

Not much information on discogs (https://www.discogs.com/artist/1314624-Rite-De-Passage). Had a split release with Necromonicon on Fetisj in 1982. New wave/synth pop by Bob Pieck, Joop Vriend, P. de Lang (?). Connected to Tox Modell, and did some early acid house (1988, well, hi-nrg) apparently.


The brothers Willem and Dirk van Weelden, then residing in Groningen. Dirk van Weelden (1957), Dutch author of several novels, essays, etc. He was very interested in the use of new technologies for literature. Willem van Weelden (1960), artist, researcher, author. Both were (are) very much part of the 'new media-scene' in the Netherlands.


Difficult to find on discogs even. But there is a cassette release The Best Of Bauplatz 81/82 with several bands related to the Venlo-scene (where Bauplatz was) and Limbabwe records, and this includes 'prompt'. 'No longer forgotten music' writes about this tape: 'Not the best quality, but certainly some great names, such as The Ex, Theatre Of Hate, The Brassers, Einsturzende Neubauten, Pandemonium (early harcore punk band), as well as the more unknown Prompt, Zoo, Metall Tanz, Alive Detail and Motel Bokassa. So it should be that prompt.

Etat brut

This is what discog states: 'Etat Brut is Belgian pioneer noise band that operated from 1979 until 1984. They released 13 cassettes and various flyers and xeroxed booklets. Members are (said to be) 2 science teachers, both called Philippe. They are closely related to Club Moral.' (https://www.discogs.com/artist/58563-Etat-Brut). They indeed have for instance split releases with Danny Devos and with Bourbonese Qualk, both whom performed at V2 as well. They were from Brussels, banccamp states that Philippe w and Phillipe W are now academics: https://subrosalabel.bandcamp.com/album/mutations-et-proth-ses

simon & chief

Nothing found on discogs, but the website of Club Moral has the information that they did the music performance for the opening of 'Für den Fortschritt der Menschheit' by Alex Adriaansens and Joke Brouwer, an exchange with V234, on 11 December 1981: https://www.clubmoral.com/events/simon-chief/. Joke Brouwer told me by e-mail (dd 15-02-2023) that Chief was the son of illustrator and writer (children books) Margriet Heymans who was a teacher at the Arts Academy in Den Bosch. Chief had a percussion group together with Simon. Simon was from a place near Den Bosch and was only 14 years old when he started to come to V234/V2. Later they were part of the theater group Dogtroep. Chief was one of the squatters of V234, and the only coloured person in the group. (There were two groups at V234: the politically oriented squatters, and then the artists that would form V2).

Sovjet Sex

Should be spelled Soviet Sex. Band from Amsterdam's NRC/Aorta-scene, consisting of the artists Maarten Ploeg and Rogier van der Ploeg, and Peter Klashorst, plus Bob Eisenberger (drums). (Bart Domburg, associated with V2, played in the later incarnation of Soviet Sex in 1996-1997, with also Ellen ten Damme). (https://www.discogs.com/artist/635159-Soviet-Sex)


d.d.v. is Danny Devos of Club Moral. (https://www.discogs.com/artist/91868-DDV).

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