Dani Ploeger's B-HIND press coverage

Press coverage of Dani Ploeger's project B-Hind.

Not completely surprising, a number of online magazines and blogs have drawn the attention of their readers to Dani Ploeger's project (and anal performance) B-Hind.

It's nice to see that the more extensive coverage also brings in Stelarc's Amplified Body. Stelarc performed this work at V2_ over 25 years ago at the opening of V2_'s then new office in Rotterdam. As Régine Debatty rightfully notes on 'We Make Money not Art' 'During his performance, Stelarc controlled robots, cameras and other instruments by tensing and releasing his muscles. Ploeger’s version of the Amplified Body does exactly that. Except that the only muscle needed to control other instruments is the sphincter.'

You could say: that's how far 'innovation' got us.

Here's a partial list of the press coverage:
https://www.jwz.org/blog/2020/03/b-hind/ (We get more traffic from this one than from Vice)
https://techno.konbini.com/fr/societe/quelle-epoque-etrange-cet-artiste-controle-un-robot-avec-une-electrode-anale/ (French)
https://www.xataka.com.mx/robotica-e-ia/llegaron-traseros-conectados-artista-asegura-haber-creado-primer-robot-que-se-controla-esfinter (Spanish)
https://24.hu/tech/2020/03/03/robot-zaroizom-performansz-feneklyuk-dani-ploeger-bhind-robotika/amp/ (Hungarian)


Photo: Fenna de Jong

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