Denzipfaden by Maartje Dijkstra

Maartje Dijkstra is a fashion designer who participated in two “classic” V2_ projects. She made the crash suit for Exercise in immersion 4 by Marnix de Nijs, presented at DEAF 07 and in 2009 she designed the white dress for the Intimacy Series that was developed by Studio Roosegaarde and V2_. Like many other artists we’ve worked with we like to follow the work of Maartje Dijkstra who keeps combining technology and fashion. We just received some photos and videos of her latest project called Denzipfaden.

For her new project she joined forces with electronic composer/dj Beorn Lebenstedt aka Newk. Together they present a high fashion men’s outfit that functions as a music/dj controller … Beorn performed the dress at the opening of Technosensual in Vienna. 

The suit and especially the top, is totally handcrafted out of golden silk/polyester wires and custom made golden zippers that carries the technology of the suit. By pulling the zippers (6 including the bracelet) up and down the wearer can change the volume of the music or add samples – or anything else from a midi-controller – by pulling on the six golden zippers on the suit and a bracelet.

"Our goal was to bring fashion, music and technology together into a spherical, junglelistic and dark high fashion men's outfit." Says Maartje Dijkstra. "Although the suit is technical it was designed specifically not to appear that way, making the midi-controller function of the suit secondary to its function as a high fashion outfit. By keeping the technology hidden it adds a great element of surprise to the DJ set." Denzipfaden remarks the start of Dijkstra’s first totally high fashion men's collection that goes by the name Dark Jungle, to be presented in 2013.

Read more on www.maartjedijkstra.com


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