DOTS Digital Art Magazine Cover Contest

Dots Digital Art Magazine is a digital iPad magazine that puts contemporary art in the spotlight using an innovative and interactive approach. DOTS is organizing a cover contest. Be published and win a Palm Top Theater device.


Open any DOTS issue, and you will be amazed by a great motion-cover giving you an impression of the issue’s theme and vibe. Dots #1′s Cover was especially made by Nick Lievendag and Lianne Kuijpers to give Dots a kickstart into the world of art and creativity (watch it here: http://vimeo.com/35255352). The second issue was covered by audiovisual composer and software developer Tarik Barri, and the upcoming #3… well you have to just wait and see..

Now DOTS gives you the opportunity to see your work featured as motion-cover in issue #4, themed ‘I spy with my little eye’!

In #4, DOTS takes an alternative and positive look at the world to surpass the current vibe of crisis and shows beautiful projects from unexpected angles. The financial crisis is an opportunity, the glass is half full, and every con has a pro. How do you see your future?  

Of course we need a great gate-way to this positive world of issue #4. This could be your motion cover! Are you a young creative maker under the age of 30, and you like to be featured in DOTS? You can participate in the cover contest by sending us your design for a DOTS cover, inspired by our theme and the British duo Addictive TV (They will be mainfeatured in DOTS #4. Check the report from earlier this week to find out more about them)

Submit your video before the 15th of November (Your video should be 30 seconds max., 1024 x 768 pixels minimum, shot in HD and have sound). From the contenders we pick our top 5, who will be published on our website. Online visitors will vote to decide who’s the winner!

The winner will of course see it’s video proudly featured as motion-cover of DOTS #4, but will also get a great spot in the magazine in our regular item ’10 questions’. On top of that the winner gets a Palm Top Theater with which you can play 3D video’s from your iPhone.

Original article in DOTS website: www.dotsmagazine.com

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