e-Pulse Festival 2012

The ever so charming media art festival e-pulse opens its exhibition October 26 at Electron in Breda. V2_ spotted some familiar faces in the program: Bram Snijders, Julian Oliver and Tarik Barri.

Actually there are two exhibitions on display in Breda, the press release announces Playful Interactions, which is apparently produced by the festival itself and also Alternate Realities for which they credit Nerdlab. Anyway, since both open simultaneously at the same location site and run also both until November 18, we can call it one event. The exhibitions can be visited on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Just keep an eye on the e-pulse website and the calendar before you leave.

E-pulse 2012 is entirely dedicated to new forms of visual culture. E-Pulse 2012 retrieves the digital experience from the flat surface and gives 'bits and bytes' free space. Both exhibitions present projects with fading boundaries between the physical and the virtual world. Expect some dancing bacteria in the Nano Disco, travel, gaming and music in the virtual space and a Flying Dutchman who got the world pretty excited last year by seemingly flying off like a bird. 

Tarik Barri, one of the participants in the summer Sessions 2010, presents a sequel to his older work II. In Verse II Multiplayer two visitors perform an audiovisual composition together. Julian Oliver’s classic work Level Head – in which one can navigate a figure through a set of augmented cubes – is also on display. Bram Snijders is represented in both exhibitions with his installations The Human Equalizer 1.0 and Sensible 1.0 that was co-developed at V2_ Lab.

Not to mention e-pulse is organizing a BeeldBattle “Image Battle”: a contest for VJ’s who can win a 1000 Euro and call themselves “best VJ of the BeNeLux” And there is more, much more, so just see you at the opening on 26 October at 20:00.

Festival website: http://www.e-pulsefestival.nl

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