Giving and Taking Free PDF

The V2_ publication 'Giving and Taking' has been sold out for a while. Don't despair if you'd like to read it: the PDF-version is available for free.

Giving and Taking, Antidotes to a Culture of Greed is a collective effort to establish the significance of the so-called non-pecuniary value of art and society. In the broadest sense of these terms: what is art about and after? The book is edited by Joke Brouwer and Sjoerd van Tuinen, and contains contributions by Peter Sloterdijk, Marcel Hénaff, Zygmunt BaumanJoris Luijendijk, Frank Vande Veire, Henk Oosterling, Lars Spuybroek, Reimar Schefold, Lewis Hyde, and Arjen Mulder.

Download the PDF of Giving and Taking, Antidotes to a Culture of Greed for free.

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