Having Coffee

Just finished the first text-experiment with the Tweet Shirt for Aram’s residency. I wrote the word “having” (coffee…) to start with.

The thermochromatic T-shirt is bought at American Apparel. Embroidering conductive thread with a sewing machine and then applying a current to it results in a color difference on the shirt (due to heating of the wire).

To prevent a short circuit at the cross-sections within the “H” and the “G” I simply jumped a few stitches and stuck some isolating tape between the wires.


  • square box fitting the full word = 150×40 mm
  • length of thread writing the word: ~ 500 mm
  • Nice appearance: 4V > 0,177 mA
  • Starting to fade, but still visible at: 3V > 0,124 mA

Having coffee
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