Immensiva Selection

We're happy to announce that three artists have been selected for the Immensiva residencies.

Three artists will join forces for the Immensiva program and do one project together:

Sammie de Vries (Amsterdam) - www.studio-vrij.com/
Mila Moleman (Amsterdam) - www.studio-vrij.com/
Zalán Szakács (Rotterdam) - www.zalan-szakacs.com/

The residences are happening in two phases, a local interconnected residence during 2 weeks and a final residence all together in Barcelona of 3-4 weeks.

Immensiva is an international platform for artists and creatives working with advanced technologies as VR, AR, AI, and sensors.

Immensiva states: 'We support artists to get into a new form of expression and bring their art-works and new ideas on new platforms and digital media. We increase awareness of Immensiva in the public and among the art world professionals. We also dedicate to educate and teach artist to do this themselves. Last but not least, we are an international platform to connect VR artists, VR Curators and collectors. We intend to present VR artists and curators on an international scale.'

Immensiva is a project of Lemongrass Communication, supported by ESPRONCEDA – Institute of Art and Culture, and in collaboration with international Universities, Art centers, R&D institutions, International Galleries, Foundations for innovation and Digital Festivals. Immensiva promotes co-creation and collaboration.

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