Interview with Kees Tazelaar in Gonzo(Circus)

Issue 117 of the music magazine Gonzo(Circus) features an interview with Kees Tazelaar about his forthcoming book 'On the Threshold of Beauty'.

Earlier this summer Arie Altena interviewed Kees Tazelaar for the Gonzo(Circus), now it's available in print, in the September/October issue of this music magazine. In the interview Kees Tazelaar touches on the major topics in his new book on the early history of Dutch Electronic Music, like the role of the Natlab of Philips, the history of the Philips Pavillion for the World Expo of 1958, and the legacy of ground-breaking composers like Dick Raaymakers, who very recently passed away.

More: www.gonzocircus.com/gc117

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