Interview with United Intelligence Lab

Our partners KIOSK in Gent published an interview with United Intelligence Lab about AI and the Critical AI Manifesto.

The United Intelligence Lab considers AI to be the most transformative technology of our time that shapes the way we interact, create and think. To find out more, KIOSK sat down with UIL for an interview.]

UIL states: 'We consider AI to be a type of parrot. Especially when it comes down to their appropriation of language models, which have become widespread through social media. They parrot, or repeat mechanically, the way people think and construct language – the syntax. So they mimic human behavior.'

You can read the complete interview here: kiosk.art/lets-wind-up-the-nursery-tale-of-ai, or on our website in the article section of the archive: v2.nl/archive/articles/lets-wind-up-the-nursery-tale-of-ai.

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