Jan Misker and Carina Hesper at Points

Jan Misker and Carina Hesper are currently in China. From 4 November on they do a residency at Points Center for Contemporary Art, Kunshan.

Points invited the artist Carina Hesper, and her husband Jan Misker, project manager of the Summer Sessions Residencies, for a residency, starting on 4 November 2019. 

During their residency, Points will assist artists in all aspects of their creation, workshops, exhibitions, and other activities. Jan Misker and Carina Hesper pay great attention to cultural connections and integrate this into their own works. They believe that art can show the world new ways of thinking, loving, and living together. These artists are adept at using a variety of technologies — photography, technology, multi-sensory media, traditions, and storytelling — to connect cultures and to bring the past into the present moment.

Carina had a very fruitful and successful period as artist-in-residence at Three Shadows Photography & Art Center, Beijing. 

During her residency, she will focus on expanding her Lucky Flowers series. It is expected to study the integration of Chinese cultural heritage and contemporary art, and at the same time compare the local cultural heritage of the Netherlands, explore the innovative expressions of the photographic media, and use the traditional model to discover new forms of technology. 

In addition to the expansion of the "Lucky Flower" series, inspired by Chinese culture and life, Jan and Carina are also expected to open new projects here. They also hope to sow new projects here, so they can fully integrate their work into both “high” culture (visual art, media art) and “low” culture (traditional).

The theme of creation will be Chinese traditions that are gradually disappearing. To the older generations of families, fake flower bouquets usually represent luck and wealth for the family, and they are kept for many years. 

This tradition can be found especially in the old city of Shanghai. In the Netherlands, there is an extraordinary history of still life (Rembrandt, for example). 

The artist will combine Chinese fake flower heritage with Dutch still life to visually demonstrate the great value of these fake flowers, and bring a new perspective to the theme from everyday life.

Another research perspective is the combination of photographic printing and traditional Chinese paper-cutting techniques, because paper-cutting also symbolizes luck and happiness in Chinese traditional culture, which is very relevant to the theme. 

At the same time, Jan will explore new technologies such as 3D photography and augmented reality, transforming the work from 2D to 3D, and the entire photography process will be layered in a subtle way through fine level of control. 

Through interactive visual presentation, photography brings a new viewing experience to actual photos, thereby counteracting the unstable and volatile patterns of the public in consumer digital (social) media. 

At the same time, the project can be used to explore how we comment on the fact that photography itself is becoming more and more a matter of software and algorithms and is very far from the original camera obscura.

From: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/jSpH43rNPVRjO6r7H3IxQw

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