JODI in Tokyo

The work 'OXO' of JODI is part of the exhibition 'Beyond AI' at Maki Fine Arts in Tokyo.

From 14 August 14 – 5 September Maki Fine Arts in Tokyo shows the work OXO by JODI, as part of the exhibition Beyond AI with also works by Ryan Gander and Alfredo Jaar.

OXO (2018) is an interactive work that allows visitors to play a game of TicTac-Toe against four types of players;  chickens, humans, computers, and AI. It Through this simple game familiar to everyone, visitors are able to experience and gain close understanding of the history of computers and games.

JODI's works have been shown at V2_ at several occasions, amongst others as part of the 3x3-series in 2018. OXO was developed with help from Jan Misker & V2_Lab.

(Info and photo thanks to Gallery Upstream: https://www.upstreamgallery.nl/news/982/jodi-in-exhibition-at-maki-fine-arts-tokyo).

2018, Raspberry Pi 3, custom keypads, wood
Photo Gert Jan van Rooij, courtesy Upstream Gallery Amsterdam & the artists.

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