Lecture on SPASM in Vienna

Sebastian Frisch gives a lecture on Audible spaces as part of a SPASM-workshop in Vienna

The lecture Audible Spaces on 12 December by Sebastian Frisch is focused on human spatial hearing processes and its potential use in (headphone) computer music. Artworks, psychoacoustic theories, live demonstrations and audio excerpts will be presented to gain possible answers to questions like: How is space used in classical music compositions? What are principles of human spatial sound perception? How can these principles be used in (headphone) computer-music?

The lecture works as the introduction to the following workshop with the Ableton Live Plugin - SPASM 4 Live. SPASM 4 Live let you transform your headphones into a 3D sound environment by staging sounds in a virtual space.

In the beginning, we will build a virtual ‘zoo’ to get familiar with the functionalities of the software. Afterwards, participants are encouraged to construct their own sound environment.

Saturday 12 December 2015
Mö.e Vienna, Telemanngasse 4
Vienna (AT)

More info: www.facebook.com/events/106309579740117/

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