Leo Scarin at STRP

Summer Sessions resident Leo Scarin presents at STRP Scenario #15: Hybrid Infinities on 24 February 2022.

How is the design of virtual realities and metaverses shaping the ecology of our digital body? What are the new models of tangibility and intimacy in a bodyless realm? These are some of the questions that Leo Scarin – Summer Sessions resident at V2_ in 2021 – will explore during STRP Scenario #15: Hybrid Infinities in Eindhoven on 24 February 2022.

The blurb for the event states: 'Because of Covid-19, we have all become screenagers, craving exciting things to do online. Regular livestreaming became too boring for us. In STRP Scenario #15: Hybrid Infinities, STRP explores what innovative ways of hybrid interactions are possible, together with guests from various disciplines - from curating digital art to virtual reality, theater and performance art and interaction design. What are valuable, impactful and meaningful ways to connect online and offline audiences.'

The other speakers are Anagram, Annet Dekker, Faye Kabali-Kagwa, and Yannick Noomen.

As a Summer Sessions resident Leo Scarin developed the work Fragments at V2_, a VR project that facilitates the engagement of two bodies over a digital network.

More on STRP Scenario #15 & tickets: https://strp.nl/events/hybrid-infinities

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