Michel van Dartel at ISEA and Balance-Unbalance

In June 2013 V2_'s Michel van Dartel gives two presentations titled 'Towards Ecological Autarky' in Australia.

In June 2013 Michel van Dartel travels to Australia to speak at both the international conference Balance-Unbalance in Noosa, Queensland, and ISEA 2013 in Sydney. The presentation – developed together with Anne Nigten – is titled 'Towards Ecological Autarky'. It addresses the theme of ecology and art through the speculative and extreme scenario's of self-sufficiency with respect to ecological resources proposed by artists and designers.

Balance-Unbalance is an event which sees art as a catalyst to explore intersections between nature, science, technology and society in an era of unprecedented ecological threats and transdisciplinary possibilities. The conference theme, Future Nature, Future Culture[s] is aimed to provoke discourse around what the elusive future might hold and how transdisciplinary thought and action could be used as tools for positive change. Anne Nigten and Michel van Dartel's presentation is scheduled for June 1st.

ISEA2013 is an international symposium of electronic art and ideas that this year takes place in Sydney, Australia. ISEA2013 showcases media artworks from around the world and provides a platform for the lively exchange of future-focused ideas. The conference has several subthemes, one of which is Ecologies and Technologies
. This theme approaches the interrelationship of nature, culture and technology which is at the centre-stage of contemporary life. ISEA2013, as its website states, explores technology as both the problem and the solution, celebrating the role of the artist as innovator and provocateur. Anne Nigten and Michel van Dartel's presentation is scheduled for June 11th, as part of the panel Eco-activism.

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