Michelle Kasprzak presentation in Oxford

V2's Michelle Kasprzak will give a presentation on 'Innovation in Extreme Scenario's' at the Oxford Futures Forum 2014.

The Oxford Futures Forum is scheduled for 30-31 May 2014 and aims to join two established communities of thought and practice – the design research community and the scenario planning practice and research community. As the website (www.sbs.ox.ac.uk/school/events-0/oxford-futures-forum-2014) states, 'OFF 2014 is designed to enable generative dialogue, productive collaboration and deep reflection on the connections between scenario thinking and practice and design - particularly scholarly study of design.' Michelle Kasprzak will talk about how the research and production done at V2_lab responds to innovation policy and the innovation agenda by leading expert meetings on the subject of “innovation in extreme scenarios”, as well as commissioning designers to create new works based on this premise.

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