Minke Nouwens at Points

Minke Nouwens finished her Summer Sessions residency at Points, Kunshan (China) with a joint exhibition with Dana Lovett.

The exhibition of Nike Nouwens and Dana Lovett at Points opened on 8 October 2019.

Minke Nouwens, a visual artist and anthropologist, chose “A Ghostly Life” as the theme to present an experimental exploration through three sculptures.  Blue glass sculptures, white glass sculptures with black mirrors, and a two-part LED lighting sculpture together form a narrative about writing code and transforming it into a visual interaction of humans today. Screens, such as laptops, touchpads, or smartphones, present the viewer with a physical experience of an invisible life that invades by machine code. 

Through the three important carriers of glass, LED lights, and text, Minke Nouwens attempts to use this set of installation programs to provide viewers with imaginary sounds of the digital world, enabling them to derive, forward, and inspire their viewers to think about hidden existences and meanings with their own limited programming language capabilities. At the same time, the artist puts himself and the viewer in the code, through his eyes, to observe the world, to test the subtle relationship between humans and technology and its function as a communication medium. 

The exhibition lasted until October 15th.

More: mp.weixin.qq.com/s/Pj2XhAHd03-1lTOcrGdgiw

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