Mischa Daams' Origins at Art Center Nabi, Seoul

Mischa Daams' work Origins is on view at Art Center Nabi, Seoul.

Mischa Daams’ Origin is a choreography of physical robotic movements that manipulates and performs a visual organic, hypnotic, rhythmic dance. Mischa Daams developed the work during a Summer Sessions residency at Nabi in Seoul.

An exhibition at Nabi showcases the result of his work as an artist-in-residence at the Art Center Nabi.

Open at 6,7,8,9,12 and 13 September from 10.00 till 18.00.
Nabi, 99 Seorin-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul.

Mischa Daams writes: ‘My focus in the last five weeks has been on developing a robotic instrument that allows me to explore and manipulate complex visual behaviours resulting from a feedback-loop of information transfer between two central display technologies: the lcd screen display and the videocamera. With this instrument my aim is to explore -and attempt to get more grip on- this universal language of visually emergent structures and mutations and thus highlight relationships between nature and technology. Can they operate together? The imperfections in this technological information transfer causes complex mathematical forms associated with the emergence, growth and mutation in nature. This rises the question if technology and nature are so different when you think of them as ‘information’.’

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