Mosquito Project Developments

The Ponies taught a six-week workshop for students from the Fine Arts department at ArtEZ, working with the mosquito.

The Ponies are working on a research project around the Mosquito boxes that are present in some public spaces in Rotterdam.  These Mosquito boxes use a high frequency that can only be heard by young people – under the age of twenty-five – to drive away loitering youths.

During the workshop some of the students made a group performance – a requiem for the demise of communality. This involved symbolic costumes, guards, singing and a ritual. They made the whole room into setting, using the tables both as a stage and also as compartments for the individual projects.

Now that the weather is warming up, The Ponies are 'hitting the streets' again to talk to the residents and loitering youth in Rotterdam Zuid. During these location visits they will also make recording with Andy Moor to work with back in the studio.

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