New Issue of Making and Breaking

There's a new issue out of the online magazine 'Making & Breaking', edited by V2_Fellow Sebastian Olma.

The second issue of the online magazine Making & Breaking, edited by V2_Fellow Sebastian Olma, contains texts on the Post-Contemporary by Justin O'Connor, Marina Vishmidt, Geert Lovink, Angela Dimitrakaki, Patricia Reed, Suhail Malik, Dmitry Vilensky, Brian Holmes, and Aiwen Yin.

Olma writes in the introduction: 'This issue of Making & Breaking should be seen as an invitation to speculate on forms of art and aesthetic practice that can help turn the post-pandemic reality into one that breaks with the foundations of the contemporary (...) – and could in this sense become truly post-contemporary.'

Read the issue at makingandbreaking.org 

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