New Project by Noud Heerkens

Sketch for the camera positions

New Project by Noud Heerkens

Film maker Noud Heerkens works together with the V2_Lab team to conduct further research for the realization of his interactive dance installation '(Re)presenting Dance'.

With (Re)presenting Dance Noud Heerkens is aiming to create an interactive dance installation which combines dance and film. In this installation the relation between viewer and visual representation (projected film) is transformed because by moving through the space the viewer controls the camera, and thus the projection of images on screen.

(Re) Presenting Dance will also be a choreographic work that confronts the viewers with their own intimacy and physicality.

At V2_ Noud Heerkens will work together with the V2_ team to conduct further research for the realization of his work (combining the video projection of dance, a specific space, camera position, and one of more visitors). Between 2001 and 2004 Noud Heerkens worked for Marnix de Nijs on the creation of the interactive film installation Run Motherfucker Run.

Later this year Noud Heerkens will present the results of his research, and a prototype of (Re)presenting Dance at V2_.



 CBK kort

Supported by CBK Rotterdam (Centre for Visual Arts Rotterdam)

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