Palm Top Theater: Open Call for Content

We challenge all you makers out there to produce and share new content for Palm Top Theater, the device that transforms your iPhone into a 3D-theater in the palm of your hand. Product and browser app will be launched in Japan in November 2012.

We're looking for media contents made specifically for this great new 3D iPhone device. 
We will officially launch the Palm Top Theater device and the corresponding browser app (content platform) in the iTunes app store in November 2012 to the public. A beta version of the browser app with a few content examples is already online to check (mobile only). 

Palm Top Theater is your tool, and we put it in your hands to share your own originality and creativity. To this end, we have developed a free Adobe After Effects plugin to make it easier for you to create videos for the Palm Top Theater, and we give you the option of offering your video or app for sale. Click here to learn everything about content creation. 

Content can fit within different categories: short videos, animations, music, interactive apps, games or educational to name a few. It's all up to you and the upcoming users! Take a look at www.palmtoptheater.com for further information and conditions. 

Via the website you can also obtain the Palm Top Theater device itself (already available for content producers only).

Like us on facebook and stay tuned! 

Browser app:

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