V2_ Official Partner Open_Sailing

V2_ is now an official partner of Open_Sailing, the team building the International-Ocean-Station prototype.

The Open_Sailing research community has as ultimate goal the creation of several international floating laboratories that will drift across the world’s oceans, utilizing the principles of open-source technology and social networks. Everyone is welcome to contribute or participate. Open_Sailing is a shining example of an interdisciplinary response to current global issues from scientific, artistic and social perspectives. Open Sailing is about – among other things – ocean studies, pollution and climate monitoring, sustainable aquaculture, survival at sea and most of all, communication networks. The approach and themes therefore dovetail with the philosophy of V2_.

Cesar Harada of the Open_Sailing gave his first presentation on Open_Sailing outside the UK at V2_ in 2009 at Test_Lab: What Crisis?! V2_ is supporting the further development of Open_Sailing with other partners.


On opensailing.net you can read: 

“We are building a floating architecture that evolves like a living organism, a laboratory for technosocial experiments. Open_Sailing aims to design an attractive technological lifestyle to overcome any possible natural and manmade disaster, stimulating people’s ingenuity and sense of solidarity. Be it overpopulation, global warming or energy conflicts, we are living in a time when apocalypse beckons. We need to collectively invent and spread bootstrapping DIY technologies for the forthcoming challenges, not only to survive but to reinvent how we inhabit this planet. We are trying to create a true Open Architecture. This is a drifting "village" of solid and comfortable shelters surrounded by flexible ocean farming units: fluid, pre-broken, reconfigurable, sustainable, pluggable, organic and instinctive. The Open_Sailing_01 concept is about 50m in diameter and holds four people for a long period of autonomy at sea. In the process, we are developing and testing numerous novel technologies, such as Instinctive_Architecture, Energy_Animal, and Life_Cable within an innovative Nomadic_Ecosystem. The Swarm_Search_Engine is a distributed operating system that suggests a general safest location and a form for the overall structure that constantly reconfigures itself in order to provide an intelligent distribution of supplies, energy and information. For the moment, our activity consists in testing our concepts at small scale in different waters, and if it works out we may go upscale with our partners. Open_Sailing aims to ask questions about the way we currently inhabit our planet. Can we reach a harmonious dynamic state of interdependence with each other and the earth? Is this the next step for civilization?

Will we dissociate our concept of progress from rigid infrastructure and metropolis? We believe that we can, and that we must try.




Open_Sailing 4 minutes concept from cesar harada on Vimeo.

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