Peter Weibel 1944-2023

Peter Weibel passed away on 1 March 2023.

Peter Weibel was without doubt one of the most prolific artists, curators and theorists of art and media of the past five decades. He was well-known for his media art works, as well as for his activities as curator and organizer, and as the head of the ZKM | Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe.

He was the author of many essays on new media art that were an inspiration for several generations of artists and researchers –  and for many of the people who work or worked here at V2_. For instance back in 1992 Peter Weibel contributed the essay New Space in The Electronic Age for the Book for the Unstable Media, as well as the essay Chronocracy in Machine Times in 2000. You can also find an interview with him in the Book for the Electronic Arts from 2000. He gave a lecture at V2_ in 1990 – when V2_ was still in De Bosch.

With his passing the world of new media art has lost one of its most influential figures.

At the time of his passing away we were showing his seminal work The Endless Sandwich from 1969 as part of the exhibition The .Newart { collection;} at V2_. This exhbition is still open until 4 March 2023.

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