Philip Vermeulen Solo at W139

Verbógen Verbrijzeld (Shattered Scattered) examines how white light can be splintered and bended - how you can become one with matter.

In this solo exhibition by Philip Vermeulen you will get to know his newly developed ‘hyper-sculptures’, which shatter and mechanically scatter white light into thousands pieces of color. The roar of colors, the pinching sound and the wind of the fast spinning machines give you an intense physical experience. Within a meta-composition the works are in constant dialogue with each other, submerging you in the dynamics between human and machine.

Philip Vermeulen's work has been featured at V2_, and this solo exhibition is curated by V2_'s Florian Weigl. It's open daily from 10 September – 3 October 2021 at W139, Amsterdam.

More: https://www.philipvermeulen.com/nl & https://w139.nl/nl/


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