Pixels of lost time and space at MOMO Festival

Oana Clitan's installation 'Pixels of lost time and space' is part of the 2022 MOMO Festival.

In the video installation Pixels of lost time and space, the past and a possible future of Rotterdam intertwine. Using archive footage, multidisciplinary designer Oana Clitan immerses you in a dystopian sci-fi version of the city. Through experiments with image manipulation she tries to evoke a feeling of discomfort and a certain timelessness. Are the images real or not, are we seeing the past, present or future, and are we looking at something made by a human or by an algorithm?

Oana Clitan is a multidisciplinary artist and designer. She was born in Romania, obtained her master’s degree in graphic design at the AKV St. Joost and has been based in Rotterdam since 2014. Her artistic practice explores the ways in which language and modern communication are influenced by technology and media. Her work has previously been shown in both Romania and the Netherlands, including at Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rijksmuseum Twente and Dutch Design Week.

Pixels of lost time and space was developed by Oana Clitan with support by V2_, and is the result of an earlier work that was the result of her Summer Sessions Residency in 2021.

MOMO (Motel Mozaique) Festival is taking place from 21–24 April 2022 in Rotterdam.

More: motelmozaique.nl/en/festival/lineup/oana-clitan/

MoMo Oana Clitan

MoMo Oana Clitan

MoMo Oana Clitan

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