V2_ Works With Rodney Place

South African artist Rodney Place is working on technological development for his “Angels of Stealth” project with V2_Lab’s Stan Wannet from mid-May through June 2010.

Angels of Stealth is a continuously evolving installation/performance Rodney has been working on since 2004. The theme of the series is the encounter between East and West in the new Europe. In the installation, Rodney experiments with projections, transparency, and physical and virtual space. His goal is to make a live performance look like film. This work has been seen in different forms in Paris, Warsaw, Vienna and The Hague. 

New technological enhancements to the Foreign Affair component allow performer Leila Anderson to determine the speed of the piece by controlling the projections. After his collaboration with V2_Lab, Rodney will do additional work on Angels of Stealth with World Wide Video Factory in The Hague. Possible dates for a Dutch performance of “Angels of Stealth” are being evaluated; more information will follow.


For an impression, see http://chelsea-hotel-eastside.com.

Angels of Stealth is produced with support of the Goethe Institute Johannesburg and Beam Systems.

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