Prosthetic X at Mediamatic

'Imagine a future where we have a data organ that shows how healthy we are. An artificial extension of our body that indicates the quality of the air around us, and our exposure to UV...'

Isaac Monté's Prosthetic X is on show at Mediamatic (Amsterdam) from 29 April till 12 August 2022. (In collaboration with In4art).

Prosthetic X is a technological artificial data organ, which is strongly reminiscent of a natural organ, with nine prostheses that serve as aesthetic indicators for the functioning - or non-functioning - of (parts of) the body. The exhibitions displays these interactive protheses alongside an explanatory film.

The nine protheses respond and adapt in real time to the wearer’s inner health, external condition and social interactions. A series of body extensions that live, breathe, move and change colour - like the organs in our body. They change by responding to personal health data, social data, and external measurements. In addition, there is a tenth prosthesis: the exo-organ, which to be worn by a loved one or caregiver. This last protheses, allows a dedicated other to gain insight into the wellbeing of the wearer from a distance.

Isaac Monté

Isaac Monté is a visual artist who creates design objects and installations as a reaction to social, ecological or economical problems. He uses design as a medium to transform forgotten or overlooked problems into possibilities and opportunities.

In the past Monté designed birdhouses made out of cigarette filters and a collection of masks made out of fur from roadkill. The work of Monté has been on show in a variety of museums, galleries and exhibitions around the world. "The Meat Project" is part of the permanent collection of The Centre Pompidou, Paris.


Monday to Friday, 12:00 – 17:00
Saturday and Sunday, 13:00 – 17:00
On display from April 29th to August 12th 2022
Mediamatic Biotoop: Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam

Via: https://www.mediamatic.net/en/page/384636/prosthetic-x

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