Protei Team Enters Rotterdam Workspace

First morning at the workspace

Protei Team Enters Rotterdam Workspace

Often life in the city becomes quieter in the summer. But this year the arrival of the Protei working team promises exactly the opposite for V2_. It is going to be a busy and creative summer.

V2_ has welcomed the core-team members who will work on the development of the first full scale model of Protei. Since their arrival they have been busy with the preparation of their workspace and with finding their way around Rotterdam.

When meeting the Protei team members, the people working at V2_ were truly amazed and intrigued by the international and interdisciplinary composition of the team.

We expect more members of the team to arrive throughout the summer. The workspace is now prepared and everybody is ready for action. It will be an exciting and hard-working summer leading up to a public presentation of Protei 006 in September.

Rotterdam has been chosen as an ideal location for this project since it is one of the largest and busiest harbors in the world, with an international context – as Cesar Harada, Protei coordinator, explains in the video.


What's more exciting for a harbor city-based organization like V2 than developing a sailing robot which can clean the ocean?



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